Brought to me in pieces, had been started in Missouri, very rusty

Poorly installed patch

Rust thru the header panel

Rust above the doors

floor rust

Rust inide and out

replacing with an Idaho cab, very little rust, one cab corner.

Saving a fortune in repairs

Hood looks good

Block sanding shows the dents

Rust holes in bottom of fender

Rust holes above the headlight.

Edge had 1/4 inch of filler

Time to remove the ugly

Uglier under the patch

Formed 2 curved patches and tack welded in place

All welded in place and ground smooth.

Careful measuring to cut and replace with new reproduction piece.

After 2 trimmings, spot weld in place.

Now to remove the outer skin

After several several trim and fit attempts, welded in place. Removed rust area above, will make a new piece from scratch.

transmission dipstick mounted to firewall, no clearance for the original.

steering u_joints routed

Plenty of clearance between manifold and steering shaft.

hood finally on and adjusted

bedliner sprayed on inner steps

22 foot piece of 2x4 tubing for flatbed frame
a lot of careful measuring and cutting

test bcut and bent a 2 ft for doing the corners

test fitting

1 1/2 x 3 inch tubing for stake post holes with bar stock welded across bottom

first pocket completed, 7 more to go

bent and tack welded, now to make filler pieces tor top and bottom

rear corners done

Front corners done

First time out of shop in months