1957 DKW

1957 DKW, made in Germany. Common in Europe, S. Africa, and S. America, . Main competitor to VW.

3 cylinder 2 stroke motor, front wheel drive, 4 speed on the column.

Major rust in floors.

Has been rear-ended

lots of dents to repair, easy to find with quick 80 grit block sanding.

Dents are easily coming out, rust is coming right off

Start of floor removal.

Fenders coming off, repair more rust.

2 weeks to get engine apart, has roller bearings on crank.

Re-arranged some springs to lower the car. Unique front suspension.

First of floor panels welded in, more welding to do. Bead rolls make it strong.

All the interior floors replaced.

Trunk floor is next.

new floor section welded in.

Hood was pretty flimsy, so I welded in some reinforcement strips on both edges.

Hood hinge mount area was dented and cracked.

Had seats out of a newer car that will fit beautifully.

most of car in primer

Added 59 Cadillac tail lights, removed all bumper holes.

Firewall and frame painted

Need to fill gap under edge of grill surround.

Upper piece added to fill gap under grill

7 pieces all welded together, edges folded for original appearance

Out with the old rusty, in with the new.

Start folding edge over

Start tack welding

Got a good deal on used custom wheels with good tires.

Newer Oldsmobile seats with no tears, fit nicely front and rear. Will save a lot of $

Almost ready to assemble.

Tempted to polish the aluminum parts, a lot of extra work.

First time outside with new wheels

Yes, I'm grinning from ear to ear. Hardly wait to drive it.

Last of the rust repair.