1957 Nash Ambassador

Very complete, few dents, very good other than rusty floors.

First trial fit of donor floor.

Donor floor is too narrow, need 3-4 inches each side.

Make filler pieces for each side, get welded to top of frame.

Side pieces welded to frame after lots of grinding rust off. Trim to let floor set flat on frame pieces.

Floor spot welded in place.

Lower panels below floor is also rusted thru.

One section of top of frame has lots rust holes, will replace with 1/8 inch steel plate, .

Will also be replacing the power brake unit with a modern booster and dual cylinder with remote fill. Easy to get to with floor cut.

lower panel clamped on place


Can't have too many clamps

Replaced most of channel for wires, a little more welding to do.

Added inner brace and under coated before top floor panel gets welded on

Trial fitting floor panel, holes drilled for welding.

welded in place.

Next panel.

Another panel welded in, hole above brake cylinder will be done last, after booster and cylinder is replaced.

New channel on passenger side.

Passenger side channel welded in first.

new lower panel and brace welded in.

undercoating sprayed in bottom

formed and drilled, ready to weld in.

Side panel almost done

Front passenger floor installed

Rear channel welded in

Bottom of rear door jamb rusted away

Removed, clean under

Weld in new piece and new seat riser.

Drivers side had hole thru inner steel, welded patch in, ready for outer patch. Also built new seat riser section

Test fit

Welded in place

Final hole to cover

Last floor panel in.