1966 Ford F100

Great looking truck.

Will clean out rain gutter and reseal

Dented around emblem area

Only visible rust hole on outside of body

Crack in both doors at tape

Front fender lip folded in for tire clearance

Fold more visible

Rust hole in lower radiator support

Small dent easy to hammer out

Out with the old rust, in with the new

Spot welded in

Patch complete, add tiny amount of filler to smooth to perfection

Clean, rinse, acid etch, rinse, paint with POR-15. Literally pour in behind brace, tipping fender to get into where the brush won't go.

Some of the truck had been painted twice, removing majority for new paint

Radiator support rusted out on both sides, will replace

Block sanding shows how rough the front of the hood is

Because of double panels using stud welds to pull dents

Dent in corner of hood had been filled with bondo, will pull it out and use a skim coat of filler

Stud welds and slide hammer to the rescue.

More filler on hood

3 hood hinge mounting nuts have been ripped out, will weld in new nuts

Discovered some hood hinge mounting damage

sealing of all factory seams

In primer

Crease in lower door

pulled out

Start block sanding tailgate, lots of highs and lows

Red onto fenders, grill trim and toolbox

White on the hood, doors and cab, going 2-tone

white on the tailgate, a lot of hand sanding around the letters

Inner fenders painted black

New radiator support does not match the old one, inner fender and radiator mount are totally different

Removed the rusty radiator support and discover the new one doesn't match. 66 is slightly different from the 61-65. Will remove the radiator spacer and weld on the flanges for the inner fenders. Reproduction 66 is not available.

Painted, ready to assemble

Doors back on and adjusted.

Lots of block sanding , dark spots are still low as metal starts to show, will fill.

Adding glaze to low spots

White on the bed.

Last of the painting is done.

will carefully wet sand the FORD letters down to the white and buff

Careful sanding with 800 grit then up to 1500

Front end assembled, ready for trim

Scorpion bed liner sprayed

Hanging the bed to roll truck under it.

Aligning the chrome trim.

Assembling wing vent/window channel and couldn't get 2 screws in. The cage nuts at my finger tips had been installed wrong, different size threads ( joys of reproduction parts), had to open each and swap nuts and re assemble.

7 of 12 screw holes are stripped

Remove box.

Drilled all holes a little larger and added clips.

re attached with S.S. steel screws

Finished other than the interior.

Also waiting on the "Custom Cab " script to have the outside done.