52 Ford Panel F1

Ugly repair

Brazing should never be done where metal needs to flex the tiniest amount

Inner brace was broken, drilled spot welds to remove

Sandblasted brace to reweld

solid again

Careful realignment to weld, test fit to body before final welding

New formed sheet metal getting welded in place.

Filler shoved into rust hole, over 1 inch deep

Cut away thin metal

finish patch

One door is twisted

Tried to weld pin holes, too thin melting away. Will replace

ready for patch

Removed filler, found rust holes

Dash has been butchered

Trying to duplicate what I think it should look like

welded cracks on inner door panel

After removing outer skin, more rust is found

Inner patch welded in

Outer patch spot welded in place, let cool then weld more , repeat, and grind smooth.

Removal of broken hinge pins.

New hinge pin in place, 5 more to go.

Threaded insert broke loose.

Welded back in place and sandblasted.

Chunk of steel missing on one seat riser track.

New piece tack welded on.

Repaired and in primer

Everything in black primer

Starting to re-assemble front sheet metal