10 Restoration Mistakes

And some quick tips on how to avoid them!

1. Underestimating Costs

The most common mistake. Avoid it by adopting a methodical approach to analyzing the entire vehicle. Don’t miss all the hidden details.

2. Underestimating Time

The next most prevalent mistake. Avoid this by dividing the vehicle into sections.

3. Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Formulate a plan of attack. Group similar projects together to avoid duplicate work.

4. Over-Restoring

Restore only to the level of your personal use. Showroom quality is only effective if you don’t plan to drive it regularly.

5. Buying Parts Inefficiently

Buy quality parts. Ask about return policies and guarantees when applicable.

6. Not Documenting the Restoration

Photographs and video footage can be invaluable when you are reassembling your vehicle.

7. Disorganization

Invest the time and effort needed to maintain an organized shop. You’ll save time, money and frustration.

8. Starting with the Wrong Vehicle

Not a mistake that is easily fixed. Avoid it by carefully considering what you are really passionate about.

9. Not Striking an intelligent Balance between Authenticity and Common Sense

Blind devotion to factory specifications can be dangerous. Selectively improve the drivability and safety of your vehicle.

10. Removing Insurance Coverage

Just because it’s not on the road doesn’t mean it’s safe. Flood, fire and theft are only some of the hazards that can befall your project.

*Reprinted from Auto Restorer