car appears to be in great shape, stripping will show any hidden flaws

cracks in paint, filler too thick?

filler too thick, easy to straighten from inside.

right rear quarter rust

major rust under tail lights

rust hole under drivers feet

evidence of wreck to right side in the past

drilling all spotwelds, seperat the panels

rust lines from cracks in filler

front suspension totally rebuilt, undercoated fender panels

new tail light panel welded in

3 creases in roof

car had 2 blue paint jobs and 2 white and spot repairs to add more layers

chiseling filler off roof

more filler to remove

left front fender dent/holes, will weld holes, shrink and smooth out metalseveral small dents in top of left fender

filler around antenea hole

filler removed from vent

filler pushed thru hole in vent panel

more filler on pass. door

factory weld broke loose on inner fender

pulling dents in roof

pulling dent in front edge of hood

3 different pieces to make

front piece made

inner piece tac welde in

outer skin formed and tac welded

first of 3 pieces to make this one patch

floor patch all welded and ground smooth, will seal with POR-15

pulled dent in hood

did lots of pulling on passenger side rocker

formed to shape, ready to trim and fit

ready to weld

test fitting during fabrication

tiny amount of filler needed to finish

had small holes, tried to weld. kept melting away. cut and replace

2 of 3 welded in

front corner done.

getting the gaps set.

Rust that has been painted over in the past

pulled a couple dents

sanded, cleaning, sealer is next and then paint and clear

repair and polish all stainless steel trim