1964 Jeep Crewcab PU

1964 Jeep M667, 1 of 400 built for the military

add pressure to get the door gap right, then weld brace to hold it while adding more pressure to get the windshield gap right.

small strip of rust above windsheild post.

Getting inner structure close to fitting windshield.

shaped and welding new metal above windshield

damaged headlight bucket compared to other side.

First section welded in.

Welding and grinding of upper area all done.

pulling dents

Got to use my handheld english wheel to smooth out the flatter ares of fenders

dent removed.

3 post holes with chunks missing.. will square up the holes and weld new pieces in.

Welded all cracks with a torch, easier to see where the cracks end.

last piece to repair, flange is torn away, will make match other side.

finished patch

Sanding off the 2nd layer of green paint , prepping for primer

Forklift poked a hole in the gas tank

Animal nest filling half the tank

burnt for almost an hour

cut deepest part of the crease then straighten one side at a time

a few spot welds, then brazed it all with the torch

not the prettiest, but no leaks