1966 Triumph

appears to be a pretty good Triumph TR4

Owner sanded and primed part of the car, large cracks appeared in several areas

Paint appears to be too thick. Found the original white, then blue, 2 layers of red and the new primer. will remove it all.

Found lots of poor rust repair, this is 1/8 inch plate welded on for fender mounting. Will trim off all but the top 2 inches.

even angle iron welded in to hide rust.

lots of filler to remove.

even found fiberglass patch, they never last

the start of a proper repair

after trimming of extra steel that could have cut into the tire

another patch welded and smoothed out

some ugly patches welded under the rust, will replace with new steel.

spot welded in place

welded over 60 holes in front and rear panels

another piece if heavy steel removed, rust under, but no rust holes only a weld hole.

starting to add filler