1971 Chevy 4x4

71 4x4 Chevy, final assembly and fix a few problems. Pink and white for the owners 5 daughters.

1971 Chevy 4x4

Will build a full size fan shroud.

Will remove stack of washers from emergency brake cable mounts, build new bracket to keep cables from rubbing frame.

Fabricated new brackets that moved the cables away from the frame, no rubbing.

Transfer gauges to new panel and add new wiring to truck.

Wrong headers, impossible to install clutch linkage, will replace.

With proper headers, clutch linkage now fits.

Thought the bumper was crooked, not, the bed is, easy to do with a 4 inch lift. Will loosen and adjust to center it.

Rear brake cylinder is leaking, will rebuild.

Corner of radiator support is bent down, so radiator does not level in the cradle.

Totally wrong rubber was under the radiator, too soft, allowed tank to rub the steel cradle, would wear a hole in a short time.

Fabricated mount for power steering reservoir

Painted some original steel door panels instead of the plastic ones.

Re-doing the carpet, about to start installing wiring and gauges.

Hand made fan shroud

Adding a little contrast under hood.

Radiator, shroud, fan, mounts and hoses all installed

Inner fender panel installed, wiring started.

Fitting/adjusting A.C. lines

We truly get into our work.

Valerie was a great help, especially in tight spaces.

Grill installed, hood, fender, and door gaps adjusted.

Headliner glued in place.

Seat rebuilt, had some broken springs and missing padding

Wouldn't start due to a rupture fuel pick-up tube in the tank. Cleaned and welded, no more sucking air.

Made covers for ugly speaker holes.

First test drive, definitely an attention getter.