Wants it converted to 4/4, lift kit, color change

With rare factory toolbox in the bed

Replace tailgate

Will replace bed side.

Repairable dent in door.

Cheaper to replace fender

Hood is near perfect appearing.

Nice roof.

Typical rust, both rockers and cab corners

Great fender, no rust.

Bondo and rust, nasty mixture.Will make patch from scratch.

Little scrap and indent

Dent from the bumper

The tear down begins.

Floors are good just need the rocker panels and cab corners.

Glass out and stripped the doors.

No reproduction parts for the toolbox area. Hand fabrication is what I love.

Both kick panels have some rust holes.

Rust patch for biggest rust hole in toolbox door.

Able to weld small rust holes shut.

Tack welds

Patch in toolbox door completed

Welding holes in top of rear wheel tubs.

Door is caved in 1/2 inch

Almost perfect again.

Pulling dents on inside of passenger door.

Total of 14 holes from mirrors welded shut.

First round of primer.

Toolbox door painted and straight, good reflection.

A lot of work to get the doors perfect for black paint

last body part painted

Lots of bolts to install

One area of damage on grill, will repair

Repaired amd painted

Lots of wear on the shifter arms

Added welds to all worn areas

smooth out the welds

perfect fit, no more slop