1974 Road Runner

1974 Road Runner

Quick block sanding shows all low spots (dark areas)

And high ridges show too as gray primer stripe

dent in roof

Both quarter panels had been shortened, Nothing to mount the trim to at bottom

Discovered lots of bondo

Sheet metal riveted in place and Filled with filler, missing front lip was nothing but filler

Trimmed up to solid steel

New inner panel welded in place

Primed before outer panel gets welded on

Ground smooth

inner patch tacked in place

A little filler in low areas

Primer sprayed on

Silver on center of hood

Silver on top

Block sanding found 3 more minor dents in trunk lid

Color and clear

Wet sanding for buffing.

Buffed for clear reflection.

Into the sun for first time.

On way home for owner to assemble.