1976 Datsun 280Z

Dent, rust repair and a little modifying

Damage to both quarters

small crack


A quick block sanding shows lots of dents

Rust holes in floor and upward dents

Will be removing side trim holes

Dents in roof

Rear bumper is being removed, splash pan has to go

Filling unwanted holes in rear panel

Rust in both rockers, cut out, clean, seal, ready for patch

lots of spot weld to avoid heat warpage.

New inner panel welded in

New outer panel, approximately 2 inches lower in back to hide gas tank and muffler

Side marker lights removed, filled

Mirrors being moved to fenders, will fill these holes

Extending rear panel, new exhaust exit.

Fitting the new corner s

Extending the rear pan about 2 inches to cover the ugly gas tank and muffler

Drivers floor has rust to be replaced with new steel

Floors patched, cleaned ready for sealing.

Sealed, ready for sound deadener

Looks better with the tank hidden.

Discovered more rust while sanding the rocker

More metal work to do, need to shrink a couple spots, but getting straighter.

Engine compartment in primer

First coat of Dark Green Metallic

More green and clear.

Lower shield cleaned, straightened, painted and ready to install.