67 Ford F-100, owner is rebuilding the chassis, I will do the body

Cab was hit hard, back of cab is pushed forward and has a wrinkle above drivers door, and hood hinge mount is pushed in 1/4 inch.

Cut the large dents, insert thin spoon dolly to straighten then weld back together.

Stud welds to pull dents

Replacement cab

Rusty floor just like other cab, already have replacement panel.

Removed filler to find previous damage, will repair correctly and weld holes.

Tack welded in place.

Smoothed all the welds

Straightened a little and welded the extra holes.

cleaning the inside of hood before sanding

deep gouge and crack

chiseled away, some 1/2 inch thick

cab painted, inside and out, including ashtray and glove box door

modified gas tank to match factory accecory side tank.

Made crossmember to hold front of tank, tab to use factory strap

mounted in factory location

will determine hose length and gas door placement after bed is installed

Owner wants a hidden gas cap, using a chevy door assembly

careful measuring then cut

weld in place

smoothed out ready for final sanding


looks factory