Customer brought me his bumper with a cardboard pattern of what he wanted.

Start in the middle and work out

Middle done

Metal shaping is done, a little filler sanding and paint, will be ready to bolt on. Total of 6 pieces welded together.

Owner will finish later.

Build a custom removable hood scoop. Start with large sheet metal, add bead down the middle.

Trim use bead roller to round the edges.

Have 3 strips of metal fastened from underneath with screws around edges.

spot welding to bottom strips

start shaping the opening

Tried to make it look like a factory scoop that fits the style of the car.

Sides have a slight curve to match the hood, that was biggest challenge.

The indented bead is the same width as the hoods raised bead

12 total pieces welded into 1

In primer/sealer.

Next, rear spoiler, cardboard pattern again.