Customer brought me his bumper with a cardboard pattern of what he wanted.

Start in the middle and work out

Middle done

Metal shaping is done, a little filler sanding and paint, will be ready to bolt on. Total of 6 pieces welded together.

Owner will finish later.

Build a custom removable hood scoop. Start with large sheet metal, add bead down the middle.

Trim use bead roller to round the edges.

Have 3 strips of metal fastened from underneath with screws around edges.

spot welding to bottom strips

start shaping the opening

Tried to make it look like a factory scoop that fits the style of the car.

Sides have a slight curve to match the hood, that was biggest challenge.

The indented bead is the same width as the hoods raised bead

12 total pieces welded into 1

In primer/sealer.

Next, rear spoiler, cardboard pattern again.

Base for spoiler is cut bent, welded, with temporary attachments

playing with designs, think this will fit the style of the car the best.

Not happy with change in angles of the trunk lid

Considering this, top edge will be level all the way across. Will discuss with owner.

Mounting studs and holes for easy removal

Owner sent me the rear bumper and a pattern for a rear pan

Start by making a flange that can be fastened to the bumper, trim to shape. Nothing is straight.

Welded bolts on.

Folded the edge for strength and the bends match the bumper shape.

Very little flange on the sides to drill and bolt to, so I made thick brackets that will clamp on.

Welded the bolts to the plate and welded it to the flange for easy removal.

Tack welded in place, will remove to finish welding.

Welding all done, now to grind smooth.

Owner decided he wanted a rounded corner and did not need the bumper jack slots. So I made these corner pieces to weld on.

Alot of bending and trimming to fit.

Slow rotation of spot welds to prevent warpage.

Grind welds smooth