By Sean on Sat 18 June 2011

I give Dream Ride Builders 5 out of 5 Stars. Bill is very knowledgable, skilled and talented. And most of all, someone who is honest and that I trust. He love what he does and it shows in his work. I bought a 1945 chevy school bus that I am converting into a tour bus to use in Portland Oregon. To make the bus reliable, we dropped a 92 Dodge Cummins engine, rear and front end onto the bus. I am not a mechanic and know very little about engines. I rely very heavily on Bill expertise. I come over from Portland when I can to assist working on the bus to save money. He does all the skill mechanic work and I do the grunt work under his guidance. Because he know that I am on a tight budget he finds all sorts of creative ways that we can do things to save money. Example; the air intake on the bus won't fit under the hood, so we have to install it on the outside. To buy a commercially made one cost hundreds of dollars. Bill came up the the idea of using a thick aluminum cooking pot and frying pan that fit the K& M filter. All for under $40.00. You would never know that what it is was made out of. Bill has also built period looking fender and rounded the corners of the front windows. If you didn't know what a 1945 Wayne school bus looked like you would think it was stock. I am very pleased with how the bus is going and the quality of Bills work. Sean Kennedy, Portland Oregon.